January 9, 2019

As of Friday, January 4, 2019, MarineBankAndTrust.com became MarineBank.bank.  Unlike a .com or .net domain, .bank domains are created and managed by banking and security experts, and serve as a solid foundation for banks to securely and effectively communicate with customers. Only verified and authenticated banks or financial institutions can use a .bank domain, enabling customers to quickly distinguish authentic emails from their bank from potentially malicious attempts by scammers to obtain personal information.

“Globally, breaches and phishing are anticipated to hit record highs in 2019,” said Marine Bank President and CEO. “At Marine Bank, the security and trust of our customers is a priority.  So we’ve opted to take the extra step of using a .bank domain name and taking advantage of the added security measures it offers including increased levels of encryption, increased abuse monitoring and compliance enforcement.”

Everything will remain the same at the Bank’s four full-service banking centers in Vero Beach, Sebastian and Melbourne.  Customers will continue to enjoy personalized community bank service combined with big bank convenience. They will continue to login to their online banking and mobile banking apps the same as always.  In fact, visitors can still access the Bank’s website using MarineBankAndTrust.com and reach their personal banker using his or her .com email. The most noticeable change for customers will be that official communications from the bank will now originate from the MarineBank.bank web address.