Meet Kayon Ashley, Credit Analyst

A Pandemic-Delivered Paragon

Kayon began her banking career during the COVID 19 pandemic.  One response to this period of unprecedented challenges was the Paycheck Protection Program which helped businesses keep employees on the payroll through forgivable loans from the Small Business Administration. 

Kayon was hired as a temporary employee to help Marine Bank’s efforts to process as many applications and secure as many loans as possible before funding ran out. In 2020, Marine Bank funded 790 SBA Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans totaling $62 million which funded eight weeks of payroll for an estimated 6,500 employees.

“This is where I clearly saw the connection between community banking and service to the community. After helping so many businesses and families get through those tough, uncertain times, I realized that banking was not just about numbers and margins - but it was also about impacting lives in a positive way. It was a win- win for me!”

Kayon’s exceptional commitment was recognized by the Bank and she was offered a permanent position as a Junior Credit Analyst. Since completing her certification for commercial loans to small business, she has been promoted to Credit Analyst.

Although she is skilled at commercial and residential underwriting, credit monitoring, accounting, and regulatory compliance, her passion is learning about Marine Bank clients – especially how their unique stories led them to engaging with and fostering a relationship with Marine Bank.

“That allows me to learn about their industries and see how my role can enhance their connection to the Bank. It never gets old to know that I may have been directly or indirectly involved in making a client’s dream come true.”

Kayon volunteers every month with a small group of friends feeding the homeless and people with food insecurity around Fort Pierce.  She enjoys spending time with her extended family cooking together and laughing through their favorite family series, “90 Day Fiancé.”